Hey, you made it to my PR page! So glad you’re here. One of the things I love most about blogging is opportunities to work alongside amazing established or up and coming brands.

So why work with me?

You may not know me personally but if we agree to work together you will come to find that I am an extremely hardworking and reliable individual. I pride myself and my blog for being a source of honesty and reliability. Aside from all of this, I really enjoy working with brands to bring my audience unique and captivating content. Whether you’re in the market for a simple promotion, or something a little more in depth; I’m there for you… as long as it fits VLN.

Who have I worked with before?

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with many brands including: Dove, Target, Vera Mona, Million Dollar Tan, MemeBox,  and Marc Jacobs Beauty among others.

*Little side note, VLN was featured of HUDABEAUTY in 2015!

Can you see my stats?

Of course you can! You can find my general follow stats at the footer of my blog otherwise media kits and pricing in accordance to google analytics are available upon request.

A collaboration must be mutually beneficial or I will not be able to fulfill the request. I’m pretty easy going with opportunities so long as they fit with my blog and audience. Again, as stated in my disclosure I will never endorse or promote anything that I don’t believe in or trust. If you have any questions, or believe we should work together please e-mail me I would love to get in contact!