Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation Review

*This post is in collaboration with Maybelline and Influenster*

I received the new Fit Me Foundation Matte + Poreless by Maybelline at the beginning of February from Maybelline and Influenster for testing purposes and I have to say that after a month my skin is loving it!
I few post back I talked about the CoverGirl 3in1 foundation and how I loved it and no other drugstore foundation worked as well as that onedid  but I might have just found my new drugstore holy grail!

The thing that I love about this foundation is that it fits all skin types and skin colors. They have a Matte + Poreless foundation as well as a Dewy + Smooth foundation and each series has 20 shades! That is double the shades most foundations in the drugstores have! 

I received the Matte + Poreless foundation in the shade Natural Beige 220 and it was my perfect fit. The foundation is super light weight and it goes on smoothly, my choice of appliance is the beauty blender of course! Its also buildable from medium to full coverage and with each application I get the ever coveted airbrush finish and I love it!

The coverage lasts anywhere from six to eight hours once its set with a powder, it doesn’t run and it definitely does not rub off on clothes which is amazing for a drugstore foundation. I definitely recommend you give this foundation a try if you haven’t already and definitely let me know how it works out for you!

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