DIY Hair Scrub

Have you ever had an itchy scalp that just doesn’t seem to ever go away, even after you shower and scrub? I have, and let me tell it isn’t pleasant. For some time now, I’ve had an itch that I just couldn’t scratch away. I’ve tried switching shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products and I’ve even tried the “no poo method” but the itch was there and it began making me super self-conscious.
So I took to the Internet and googled my symptoms and came across a lot of helpful information that I wasn’t really aware of until now and I hope someone out there finds it helpful too!
Ever since I can remember I’ve been using hair products in my hair. I have really frizzy and curly hair so it takes an army to style and maintain this mess. Did you know that even after you wash your hair some of the residue from hair products, shampoos and especially conditioners stay behind? 
This remaining residue is what causes an itchy and funky smelling scalp, even after you’ve cleaned it! 
You can buy expensive hair scrubs, and hair “detoxes” but I decided to go the more “organic” way and make something natural to help get rid of the gunk in my scalp.
What you need: 1 tbs organic lemon, 3 tbs of sea salt, and 1 tbs of virgin olive oil.
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, wet your hair and gently massage the mixture on your scalp for 4-5 minutes. Rinse off and then shampoo.
Tip: Use a gentle shampoo that is sulfate and parbens free. My current favorite is actually my daughter’s shampoo that was designed by Pediatric Dermatologist and it is artificial color, sulfate and parabens free. Find it here.
Why these ingredients work:  Lemon is naturally acidic so it help in dissolving any product residue left behind in you scalp. Sea salt helps to gently exfoliate residue, dry flakes and dandruff. The olive oil provides moisture that the lemon juice might take away and combined with the sea salt it is a great hair growth simulator!
Tip: After you are done exfoliating, when you rinse off and shampoo use cold or semi-cool water. Hot water takes away the moisture in your hair and you definitely don’t want that! Also you might want to consider using conditioner from now on, being that it is the biggest product that gets left behind causing the very reason why you exfoliated in the first place, a dry itchy scalp. 
I threw away all my conditioners and I won’t go back to them! You can try adding a touch of organic coconut oil to the ends of your hair to add a little more moisture. If you stop the use of conditioner and exfoliate once a week or every two weeks you will notice a HUGE difference! 
Healthy hair comes from healthy scalp so make sure to take care of it! Good luck 🙂