Camila & Her PJ’s

I’ve always been really skeptical about including my daughter on the blog but being that she is the biggest part of my life, how could I not?

Internet friends I’d like you to meet the tiny human that stole my heart January 31st, 2013, Camila. Every parent out in the world thinks that they have the cutest kid but look at this face! Not only is she gorgeous but even at two you can see that she has a warm and kind heart. She loves interacting with people, bonding with babies and she absolutely loves dogs… her daddy is forever trying to convince me to get a puppy or to have another baby… CRAP!

There isn’t a day that goes by that this little human doesn’t amaze me. She’s two and I feel like she knows so many things. Her grandmother call her “vieja chica” which kind of means that she has an old soul(but not in a creepy way), and honestly it fits her personality like a glove. She’s a very smart little girl. Her daddy and I think that she’s going to have a future in showbiz or some type of creative media because even though she’s tiny her dramaqueeness is HUGE! 

Anyways back to business, miss Camila just got an upgrade on her sleepwear! I fell in love with the toddler section for girls at Old Navy which was a pleasant surprise because they are super affordable. Camila really needed some new PJ’s, as she has outgrown all of her other ones. Old Navy didn’t disappoint, we picked a couple of sets and as you can see she loves them! The material is super soft and comfortable, and she has no problems sleeping through the night in these babies. Mommy’s, check Old Navy’s sleepwear here!

I decided to try a little photo shoot with Camila this morning and as always she shined. She was really excited to be photographed so I do hope you enjoy them!

—Not sponsored, I was just really happy about my purchase—